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The Music Elfe: Huang Huali

Revision:Xiong Kewei, Lan YiqianDate:2018/12/29

Huang Huali, born in Henan province, was admitted to the Music Department of CCNU in 1986. After graduation, she chose to stay in CCNU as a teacher and was later transferred to the Opera Troupe of PLA General Political Department. She is honored as the soprano of the Opera Troupe of the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission, vice chairman of the China International Vocal Music and Art Institution for Research, opera performing artist, the national first-class actress. She is now a vocal music Ph.D. candidate and also a member of Chinese Musicians’ Association. She was also awarded as outstanding professional talent and tutor by the former General Political Department, and won personal third-class merit six times.


When Huang was a kid, she enjoyed singing. Poor as they were, her mother managed to buy her a radio which she loved so much that she kept learning singing from it. After graduating from high school, she entered into CCNU, then her talent was discovered by Professor Yan Guoyi, the dean of Music Department of CCNU. After four years’ hard work, she won the first prize and was able to stay to teach in CCNU.

During her college life, Huang has successfully held two solo  concerts. In 1997, she participated in the 15th April Spring International Friendship Art Festival in Pyongyang and won the Gold Award. Later she won first prizes in singing competitions many times. Her mastery of both folk style singing and bel canto coloratura soprano won her praise from music experts at home and abroad.


Chasing the Dream of Joining the Art Troupe

In the summer of 1993, when Huang held a solo concert at Chinese Conservatory of Music, she was recruited to join the Opera Troupe of the General Political Department, to be an honorable art soldier.

For more than 10 years after joining the army, she has been serving for armies throughout the country, giving more than 70 performances every year.

In order to serve for soldiers better and improve the singing technique and professional knowledge, Huang enrolled on a postgraduate course in the Department of Music in Chinese People's Liberation Army Academy of Art under the famous singer, Professor Li Shuangjiang. During this period, she was firmly convinced that serving for the soldiers was her unshirkable duty. The fire of dream burned in her heart. She strove for every opportunity with her own art ability and enterprising spirit.


No Adversity, No achievement

From an unknown college teacher to a warrior travelling all over the country, from folk soprano to coloratura soprano, it seems that she  is always taking a detour. However, she argued “Life is not always smooth. What I treasure is exactly the adversities I encounter. I would fail if there were no difficulty and challenge ahead of me. I owe what I am to these detours and adversities.” Although she is successful in her singing career, she never stops learning. She has conducted extensive studies and researches on the development of military music, music aesthetics, military musicians, and vocal music teaching. Along the way, her singing skills, music analysis and character shaping are becoming even maturer.

Huang said firmly “I have no idea what my future will be. No matter what it will be, I will work harder and do my best and inherit the spirit of CCNU.”


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