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Harvard Prof. Michael Szonyi Had In-depth Academic Exchanges in CCNU

Revision:Cheng Qian;Xiong KeweiDate:2018/12/17

December  4th, Professor Michael Szonyi, director of the Fairbank Center for Chinese     Studies, Harvard University,held a forum with Professor Xu Yong and Deng Dacai of CCNU in  the Science Hall. Both sides exchanged views on academic research,database development and  institutional cooperation.

November 29th, Professor Michael Szonyi visited the  Institute for Advanced Study in    Political  Science  (Institute  for  China  Rural Studies,ICRS). He was  impressed  by  the  unprecedented survey layout, large  scale  of  data  collection  and corresponding database development. In the forum, Song discussed with Professor Xu and Professor Deng the design of the investigation system, the accumulation of investigation resources, and the development  as well as the usage of literature materials and introduced the database of Fairbank Center for Chinese studies——"Digital China". He held that database construction is helpful to the resources  integration  and  technology  utilization, which would enable scholars to conduct academic researches with the most advanced methods andtools.Although rural problems in China  are by no means new problems and have been arousing academic attention, with the survey and literature  data  collected by ICRS, scholars can rethink the rural problems in China thus   expanding  new research approaches, opening-up  of  new research fields and generating new  academic increment.

Professor Michael Szonyi pointed out that the Fairbank Center which is of pioneering and strategic  importance  for  overseas  research  on  China,  and  is  hopeful  to  strengthen communication and cooperation in the field of rural investigation and database construction with ICRS which is also of strategic importance in researches on political science and rural governance. He expected that the construction of China rural database will make immeasurable contributions to the academic community.

After the meeting, Professor Michael Szonyi and Professor Xu exchanged their books. Both sides  expressed  their  willing  to consistently promote high-level cooperation and jointly commit to research partnership and team communication.

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