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Professor Hong Huaqing from Nanyang Technological University Gave a Lecture in CCNU

Revision:He Xiaoyan;He YuqianDate:2018/12/16

On December 5th,invited by the Center for Teaching and Learning Development of CCNU,professor Hong Huaqing from Nanyang Technological University(NTU)gave a lecture on Teaching and Learning,aiming to share some concepts, technology and methods of Teaching Innovation and Practice driven by Data Analysis.The forum was held in Room B402 of the College of Teachers Education.More than 30 CCNU teachers attended the lecture.

At the beginning,Professor Hong Huaqing made a brief introduction to the development background,policy and features of education in Singapore as well as the development status and future trend of e-teaching in Singapore in recent years. Afterwards, he introduced the creation and application on new learning ecosystem of NTU based on his ten years’practice on education research and mobile Internet teaching. Furthermore,he shared some thoughts on how university teachers use information technology to make scientific analysis and research on the large amounts of data generated in daily teaching,how to reconstruct a teachingand learning ecosystem to achieve a new“student-centered”mode in real sense and how to achieve the transformation from“science of learning”to“learn scientifically”and soon.

Finally,he said that the student-centered teaching concept should not remain at the theoretical level, but should be put into teaching practice.What teachers lack in daily teaching is not big data, but the wisdom of using big data.Team-based cooperation among different majors and disciplines will be an important trend of education and teaching in the future.

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